A religion doesn't need a real god, but a god needs a real religion.

Achs Arod is a vast continents, the home to billions of people. Religions are many and varied, ranging from the monotheistic and pantheistic to the polytheistic. It has been proven beyond reasonable doubt that gods exist, but despite this several atheistic cults, both militant and pacifist, exist.

The largest organized religion in the known world is the polytheistic Church of Mahradia which is the dominant religion south of the Great River. The Mahradian Pantheon lists more gods by far than any other known religion.

The International Independent Theologian's Association (IITA) is not a religion as such but, as the name implies, an organization of theologians not bound to any religion. The main goal of the IITA is to identify and catalogue all known gods; it publishes and maintains a list of known gods referred to as The Official IITA Pantheon. The organization is controversial in that it denies the existence of certain well established gods, especially within the Mahradian Pantheon.

The anfylk, having been created by the goddess Anna are not actually monotheistic. They acknowledge that while they were all created by one god there are other gods out there who influence their existence, both as individuals and as a race.

Elves, especially the Original Elves, recognize that gods exist on Aua but still worship the great celestial being they knew in their original plane of existence.

Dwarves as a species do not keep with one specific religion. They generally adapt the dominant religion of their region out of convenience.

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