Political organizations at both international and local level.

  • The Elven Nation - An organisation looking after the interests of all elves everywhere.
  • Fondation for Racial Equality Everywhere (FREE) - Charity organization promoting the equal values and rights of all races, not just the four major ones.
  • International Cartography Society - An international non-profit organization dedicated to mapping out the entire world. Funds expeditions of explorations to remote parts.
  • Tunnel of Light - Organization dedicated to assisting dwarves living on the surface of the world. The organization is open to all dwarves, including those in forced exile.
  • Church of Anna - Not actually a church as such but rather an umbrella organization supporting the various religious organizations of the anfylk.

Conflict[edit | edit source]

An article outlining the different types of conflicts in the world.

Druids and Shamans[edit | edit source]

This article discuss the roles of druids and shamans in modern society

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