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Current Projects:
  • Enar's Vacation - This is a larger project involving the writing of a novel-length story about Enar going on vacation. It is unlikely anything else will be done in the meantime, but I may take a break and write something else now and then.

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Welcome to the Odd Lands Wiki

The purpose of this project is to explore the question of what happens with a fantasy world that doesn't get stuck in the middle ages. The way I'm trying to do this is by creating the world as a setting for pen and paper role-playing games. I'm writing and posting articles about different aspects of the world; its inhabitants and culture, its magic and its monsters.

The setting is not created for any specific set of rules but the plan is to test it using the Strands of Fate system.

The World

This is where the setting is described in more detail. New articles should be added regularly. Not daily but usually there's at least one per week.




  • Magic - All things related to weaving or channeling the Aether.
  • Gods - Who they are and what they do.
  • Culture - What life is like.
  • Politics - Major and local political, humanitarian and environmental organizations etc.
  • History - The main timeline of the world as well as records of significant events from the past.
  • Geography - The planet itself as well as land and regions on it.
  • Religion - Gods and worship

Where to start? -> HERE!

The entire project is very much a work in progress. To get a quick introduction to some of the basic concepts, please have a look at the introduction page.

The project was originally started as a blog but has since moved over to this wiki. If you're interested you can find the entire blog here. I've copied the posts from the blog over to their own pages but they lost a lot of the formatting. The blog posts are slowly being rewritten but new ideas keep getting in the way needing to be added. You're likely to find blog posts here and there, feel free to read them, but keep in mind they may not always reflect the current state of the project.

Fiction set in the Odd Lands

Early on in the project a request was made for some piece of fiction that would help the reader get a feel for the world. So far a few pieces have been written and they can be found on the Fiction page.

To do

This is a work in progress and much remains to be done. For a list of some of the things planned; check out the To do page.

The list of things to do is no longer being maintained or updated. It turns out I didn't stick with it very well and when I did I forgot to update it anyway.


If you want to help out but don't know where to start, please have a look at this page for tips on things I need help with.