The Aether[edit | edit source]

The Aether is the resource used to perform magic. It's not a substance as we know it. It's got no chemical composition and it has no place in the periodic table. It simply is. In order to use the aether for magic it first needs to be channeled and then woven.

Wielding magic[edit | edit source]

What is required in order to perform magic.

The limitations of magic[edit | edit source]

Rules and limitations that govern and restrict what can be done with aether-based magic.

Non-aether based magic[edit | edit source]

Not all magic is based around manipulating the aether. Some elves have abilities that do not require channeling or weaving but which can't be explained as anything but magic. Priests and paladins, as well as other individuals devoted to serving a god, may on occasion be able to wield divine magic. These forms of magic will be described in more detail elsewhere.

Shamanism[edit | edit source]

One does not need to wield magic to be a shaman. Shamanism is about interacting with the spirit of the land which does not require either channeling or weaving the aether. It's still possible for a shaman to invoke powerful magic but in that case the magic is wielded by the spirit and not the actual shaman.

Divination[edit | edit source]

Attempting to predict the future doesn't necessarily have to involve magic.That doesn't mean it's a non-magical process or that using magic to do it isn't possible.

Elven magic and Soul Magic[edit | edit source]

All elves are able to manipulate the aether to a certain extent. Some elves are also able to perform magical feats that far surpass what they would normally be able to given their ability to weave and channel the aether.

Bullet point summary[edit | edit source]

  • The Aether is the resource used for wielding magic.
  • To work magic the Aether must first be channelled and then woven.
  • Only a few people are able to channel aether or weave magic.
  • Being able to weabe does not guarante being able to channel and the other way around.
  • All aether-based non-divine magic will eventually expire.
  • Magical energy cannot be stored.
  • Magic cannot be wielded mechanically.

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