The Giant Rock Marshal is a fungus in the Marshal Mushroom family. It shares many traits with other fungus in the family, but it has a few traits that are rare or even unique among Marshal Mushrooms.

Shared Memory[edit | edit source]

One of the more peculiar features of the Giant Rock Marshal is its shared and distributed memory. At the end of their lives the fruits pass on their memories to the main fungus and when a new fruit is ripening the fungus shares its memories with it.

In this way every fruit will share the memories of all fruits that passed away before it. It’s not known how far back these memories stretch, but it is believed to be far further back than recorded history. Those dwarves who speak about it have described memories they don’t understand in any other way than knowing they’re old; Memories as odd as if they were of an entirely different kind of being.

The desire to return to the fungus that originally grew them seems to be hard-coded in the genetic code of the dwarves. It’s not something they have any desire to do while they’re still alive and healthy, no matter how far away from their birthplace they are. Then suddenly, as their end draws near, which is something they seem to feel as well, the start to feel it. The desire to return to the source overpowers everything else and it’s the only thing they’re able to focus their mind and energy on.

Most dwarves don’t fully understand this feeling but through the memories of their predecessors they know of and respect it. It’s just one more things that makes dwarves a little difficult to relate to for the other races.

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