Originally the idea was to write a couple of short stories with the theme "a day in the life of". These stories were meant to illustrate everyday life for the inhabitants of the world to help get ideas and concepts across. At the start short standalone stories were written, showing off various aspects of the world. However, after a while characters and locations from one story started to appear in others. An underlying story started taking shape. The stories listed below are grouped by whether or not they're connected in some way or other.

The Kul Viller Incident

The Paladin

The Wanderer


The Exile

The Tree Shaper

More pieces will be added over time.

Stand Alone Stories

It's worth pointing out that the pieces of fiction above is mostly just a different way of describing things in the world. They're not meant to be exciting, action packed adventure. Instead, they just try to show a small piece of the world through the eyes of one of its inhabitants.

Enar's Vacation

The first novel set in the Odd Lands setting. Still very much a work in progress it will be published piece by piece on a separate page.


Some of the stories making up the Kul Viller Incident can be downloaded as Kindle readable text file via the link below. The file is hosted on a different site and clicking the link will bring up a new page with a big button to download the file. Save the file to your hard drive and then copy it to your Kindle and that should be it.

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