Diurnomancy is the art of divination using newspapers. This can be done in many different ways. As is common with all forms of divination some methods have proven to be more reliable than others, but just like with other methods of divinaton reliability and popularity don't correlate at all.

The different methods can be roughly grouped in two categories where one involves a single newspaper and the other multiple newspapers; Monodiurnomancy and Multidiurnomancy.


Using a single newspaper as a medium of divination may at first seem a bit silly. After all, simply reading a newspaper will give the reader information about both past and future events. However, just like it is possible for an experienced reader to read between the lines, an experienced seer may be able to read between the articles. This requires more than simply critical thinking and intuition which is why it's classified as divination and not just "reading the news".

Several destructive methods of monodiurnomancy also exist. Setting a newspaper on fire and using it as a medium for pyromantic divination has proven to be reliable while using a newspaper to create papier-mâché sculptures has not.


Using multiple different newspaper as a means of divination is considered a both reliable and accurate method of divination. As opposed to monodiurnomancy, almost all multidiurnomantic methods are considered reliable. The basic idea is to view multiple different newspapers at the same time and use that as a source of divination.

The most common method is to visit a newsstand or convenience stores and look at the racks of newspapers and magazones on display there. The combination of daily newspapers and weekly or monthly magazines is said to provide both a detailed impression of current local events as well as a solid view of the state of the world at large. The idea is that the covers of the magazines and papers and they way they are arranged conveys a snapshot image of the current state of the world.

A less commonly practiced method is to visit waiting rooms in places such as hair dressers or dentists and observe the piles of magazines there. This method is considered reliable for divinations relating to the localized area and community they're made in.

In practiceEdit

In the fictional piece about Neta it is told of how a member of the Division of Shamanistic Operations at the Viller Police uses diurnomancy to learn about what troubles the Innastarn (the spirit of the city).