As you've probably gathered by now this is a work in progress. Sometimes progress is slow, other times it is faster.

This being a wiki gives anyone who wants the ability to edit any page (except the front page which I've locked) they feel like. The rollback functions seem to be fairly solid so I'm not too worried about vandalization.

I figure it'd be hard to take the step from just reading to actually adding your own stuff, especially as so much of how things work in the world is still up in the air. The rules and boundaries are far from set. Instead I figured I'd put down some suggestions of things that I want help with.

Questions[edit | edit source]

This is probably the most important thing I need help with right now. When I write something I have a fairly good idea of what I'm writing but it may not always come through in the text. Whenever you read something and there's something that's unclear or missing or just doesn't make sense; please ask. It's both helpful and inspirational to receive questions about things on the wiki.

Current questions[edit | edit source]

I added the first two myself as people have asked me about it IRL. If you have a question, just click Edit and add it. There's no need to log in or create an account. Adding your name is optional but appreciated.

  • If creating a new race is such a difficult thing, how come Anna was able to create the hobbits? Being a goddess of lazy afternoons doesn't really give the impression of power. --Garthe
  • Are there ghost and do they live in the ghost world? --Nate

Suggestions[edit | edit source]

Do you have an idea for something you would like to see, or not see, in the world. Keep in mind that even if you think I won't agree with the suggestion as you put it, which there's a fair chance I won't, the suggestion itself might be inspirational and give rise to other, probably similar ideas.

Current suggestions[edit | edit source]

I added a suggestion my friend Nate put to me the other day.

  • You should add landsquids and Future Shamans! --Nate

Spelling[edit | edit source]

English isn't my native language and there will be both spelling and grammar errors in the texts here. If you come across any it would be greatly appreciated if you corrected them. Keep in mind you don't need to log in and you don't need an account to edit pages. It's great if you do create an account though, that way I'll be able to see who helps out fixing the mistakes I make.

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