At this period in time there is no conflict large enough that the entire world is drawn into war over it. That doesn’t mean the world is at peace. There are countless wars, small and large, internal and across borders, plaguing the nations of the world at any moment.

Causes of war[edit | edit source]

Just like in the real world, the main reasons for the conflict are religious, political or territorial. Nations fight each other for land and riches or for higher religious reasons.

There are very few wars waged between the major races just out of mutual racial animosity. There are nations where one race is dominant fighting wars against nations where another race is the most common one. While racial differences may be highlighted in propaganda the underlying reasons are most likely unrelated to the actual races involved in the conflict.

Factions[edit | edit source]

The elves and the fylkin are the only ones of the major races that have any kind of organization looking after the interests of their respective races on an international scale.

For the anfylk race it is The Loving Embrace – a religious organization dedicated to ensuring that anfylk everywhere are able to practice their religion freely and openly. It is largely political and is not known to have applied military force on more than a handful of occasions.

The elves have several organizations looking after elven interests in the world. A few of them have been known to apply military force when elves within their sphere of influence have been threatened. These organizations are just as likely to quarrel with each other as with anyone else though.

Nations[edit | edit source]

The different nations of the world are the most common participants in military conflict. Fighting over land and riches or over past and present slights, real or imagined is common. Historically however, the most common reason for war is religion. Many nations do not separate church and state. Crusades of various kinds have been numerous and common throughout history and a few are even active today.

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