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The planet Aua

The name of the planet is Aua. It is roughly twice the size of Earth and about 75 percent of its surface is covered by water. A day consists of 24 hours and there are 365 days in a year. The planet is orbited by one moon.

The largest continent on the planet is Achs Arod, which covers roughly a quarter of the northern hemisphere and about an eight of the southern, including the south pole. The other continent is Aflachs Arod, which covers a tenth of the southern hemisphere.

There are also plenty of islands scattered across the oceans, some large enough to almost qualify as continents but mostly a lot smaller.

The oceans are mostly deep but few large areas of very shallow waters exist. In these places the depth usually varies from one to ten meters. These areas are commonly referred to as shallowland. On the northern hemisphere there are two areas of shallowland larger than an average country. On the southern hemisphere sixteen such areas exist. The depth of the sea at the north pole averages 4,000 meters, needless to say it is mostly covered by ice.

The deepest parts of the ocean are estimated to reach depths of more than 30,000 meters. The highest mountains are estimated to reach between 20,000 meters and 25,000 meters. Above 9,000 meters the air is thin enough that humans, dwarves and anfylk can't breath at all. Above 14,000 meters the air is so thin that elves can't breathe. Above 17,000 meters there is no aether at all and only divine magic is possible - should it be granted.