The first anfylk settlements were located in remote areas, far from where the raiding northland barbarians would normally travel. As the fylkin grew in numbers their settlements turned into villages but the villages did not turn into towns. Instead, new land was settled elsewhere and new villages popped up, usually not more than a few hours walk away.

These areas, where the anfylk first settled and where fylkin still live as they've always done, are called anetacht (ane home). Anetachts can be small, with only a handful of villages in them, but they can be singificantly larger. The largest anetacht is Annebo, in the hills and valleys west of the Inner Sea, with 162 distinct villages.

Anetachts are popular tourist attractions, both among anfylk and among the other races. Many of the smaller anetachts do not actively encourage tourism but very few are those who will turn visitors away. In fact, even where visitors are actively discouraged one can expect to find at least one human sized bed at the local inn or lodging house.

Not all fylkin live in the anetachts though. There are many settlements of more recent dates where not all the old traditions are as strictly adherred to. Many fylkin also live in the towns and cities of humans and are part of the society there.

Technology in the anetachts[edit | edit source]

Mostly the anetachts are staying true to tradition and do not make use of modern technology. The inhabitants of the anetachts are well aware of how the world has moved on around them, but simply prefer to stick with their old ways. Those who don't are permitted to leave and if someone wants to come back they are generally welcomed with open arms.

Some compromises with the modern world are however deemed acceptable. Mostly this applies to the areas of health-care and medicine. Modern medical science is generally perceive as superior to traditional methods, magical or not.

Many anetachts will have access to telephone lines and some are even supported by mobile phone coverage. Larger anetachts, if they receive many visitors, are likely to have at least one zeppelin tower, especially if they are not in areas supported by train.

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